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If your firm would like to join CREFC Europe, please complete and return the CREFC Europe Membership Application Form.
If you’re not sure, please look again at the benefits, or contact a member of the executive or the Board to discuss.

Membership Application

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Applicant Organisation

Please provide a brief description of the activities and interests of the applicant relevant to CREFC Europe membership.

Primary Contact

The Primary Contact will receive invoices and account information.

Membership Levels

10+ employees in the CRE finance team.

Up to 10 employees. This rate is reserved for organisations with 10 or fewer employees involved in CRE finance.

Passive debt investor rate
This rate is reserved for organisations whose sole involvement in CRE finance is as an investor in CMBS or other capital markets instruments underpinned by CRE loans.

Associate Member

This rate is for real estate firms (i.e. borrowers/sponsors) that are not also involved in CRE lending

CREFC Europe may, exceptionally, accept members outside the above bands, for example individuals who wish to obtain or retain membership while not being connected with an organisation eligible for membership in its own right. The above rates are subject to VAT as appropriate. The membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Membership rates are pro-rated for those joining during the course of the year.

Applicant Firm statement

If this application is accepted, I confirm that the applicant firm accepts membership on the terms of the Articles of Association of CREFC Europe (available at I also confirm that we understand that, in the event that CREFC Europe is wound up while the applicant firm is a member or within one year after the applicant firm ceases to be a member, the applicant firm shall be liable to pay a sum not exceeding £1.