Committees and Working Groups

We have a number of working groups and committees covering a range of topics, to allow members to exchange views, discuss shared challenges and opportunities facing the industry or parts of it, and collaborate where appropriate. In most cases, we seek to ensure that there is a good mix between principals and advisers and different market perspectives on each group. All our working groups and committees operate in accordance with our competition policy.

Our industry has been in a state of considerable flux in recent years, and continues to diversify against a backdrop of unusual and uncertain macroeconomic conditions and significant regulatory challenges. Inevitably, the priorities of different constituencies within our membership change over time, with different areas of focus attracting varying levels of interest at different times.

Against that backdrop, and with time at a premium for many of our member contacts, some of the working groups and committees listed here are more active than others, some are in the formative stage, and others may be revived – under the same or different leadership – after a period of hibernation. With new oversight by our reformed Board of Advisors and extra resource in the secretariat in the form of our Industry Initiatives Director, we will be better able to keep working groups on track and suitably supported.

Our aim is always to dedicate resources in the way that best serves our members’ and the market’s needs from time to time. We are always open to ideas for new work streams, including from non-member firms – please contact David Dahan or Peter Cosmetatos if you have any suggestions.

Our recent, current and planned working groups and committees are listed below. Each links to further information.

Board of Advisors

Regulatory Committee

Intercreditors Working Group

Young Professionals in Real Estate Finance

Build-To-Rent Finance Working Group

Due Diligence Working Group

Reliance Letters

Long-Term, Fixed-Rate Loans Working Group

CRE Loan Hedging Working Group

Vision Project


Alternative Lenders Forum

Forum for Servicers

Forum for Investors

International Committees