Chatham Financial is an independent financial risk management firm specializing in solving common yet complex capital markets challenges. Chatham serves over 1,800 clients globally, providing advisory and technology solutions to Corporations, Financial Institutions, Private Equity and Real Estate companies, helping them understand and control debt and derivatives as a critical piece of their financial strategy.

Chatham executes on average over $1.6 billion hedged notional per day, manages over 17,000 commercial real estate debt instruments annually totaling over $1 trillion of active debt notional, and has defeased over $50 billion total principal while returning over $100 million of residual value to our clients. Our proprietary models and technology combined with our global team capital markets experts makes Chatham the preferred partner of CRE investors worldwide.

Chatham solutions for real estate investors include:

  • Debt Strategy
  • Interest Rate and FX Risk Management
  • Debt Management and Reporting
  • Prepayment Analysis
  • ASC 815 / IAS 39 / IFRS 9 Hedge Accounting
  • ASC 820 / IFRS 13 Debt and Derivative Valuation
  • Dodd-Frank and EMIR Regulatory Compliance
  • ISDA and Credit Negotiation

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