With a workforce of 6,300 and a balance sheet total of around €172 billion (Q4 2015), Helaba is one of Germany’s leading banks, closely connected to the German savings banks organization. In the field of public sector related business the bank facilitates local economic and infrastructure projects in Germany. As a commercial bank Helaba takes on the competition in Germany and abroad. Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main and Erfurt, the bank also maintains branches in Paris, London and New York.

Helaba’s approach to markets and customers is that of a classic balance sheet lender. The bank’s long-term oriented business model remained unchanged throughout the financial crisis providing reliability for customers and partners.

Real estate lending has always been a core business for Helaba, currently exceeding a business volume of € 36bn (Q4 2015). The bank focuses on customers and commercial properties in Germany, selected markets in Europe and in the U.S.