Macfarlanes is a distinctive London-based law firm, focused on its clients and on delivering excellence in the international legal market. The firm is known for the quality of its work; not just in dealing with the full range of corporate and commercial matters, but in advising clients on their private affairs as well.

Its real estate finance practice has established an outstanding reputation for complex real estate finance transactions across a range of real estate asset classes. The team provides a cohesive and flexible service across the wide range of disciplines that are fundamental to modern real estate finance transactions, offering advice to a varied client base that includes lenders and borrowers, developers and investors, corporates, funds, hotel owners and operators as well as UK and overseas high-net-worth individuals and trusts.

Macfarlanes has made a deliberate choice to remain smaller than many of its peers and the cohesive nature of the firm means that clients benefit from collective experience and close-knit teams. The firm has decided against growth at the expense of quality, against size at the expense of efficiency and agility. So whilst large enough to advise on the most complex matters, the firm is also small enough to ensure that its people and work are exceptional, without fail.