European Investor Reporting Package (E-IRP) Committee

In 2004, CREFC Europe formed this committee to create a transparent and standardised bond, loan and property level reporting package for European CMBS transactions, the E-IRP. Since the release of version 1 of the E-IRP templates in 2005, the committee has been responsible for maintaining and updating them.

E-IRP version 2.0, released in 2011, was used by the Bank of England and the European Central Bank as a basis for developing their respective CMBS loan level reporting requirements for their ABS collateral programmes.  It was also adapted to create the CMBS template used by the European Data Warehouse.

In August 2013 the committee released watchlist criteria as part of the E-IRP to promote consistent flagging by servicers of loans that may be running into difficulty.

The current versions of the E-IRP files are available here.

After a brief hiatus, this committee is now meeting again under the leadership of Tom Jinks, US Bank, Doug McLean, Trepp and Jaymon Jones, Trimont Real Estate Advisors.  Its principal goals are:

  • to update the E-IRP for recent developments
  • to align the E-IRP with the CMBS template used by the EDW, and to try to ensure that future updates of the E-IRP are considered for the EDW as well
  • to consider how the E-IRP’s relevance and value can be maximised and ensured in today’s CRE debt market environment, including in the light of regulatory developments and through raising awareness and understanding of what it has to offer.

Please contact one of the co-chairs or Peter Cosmetatos on +44 20 3651 5696 or if you have questions or would like to get involved.