European Investor Reporting Package® (E-IRP®)

CREFC Europe’s E-IRP is a transparent, standardised set of bond, loan and property level information, which can be used for European CMBS and other types of CRE finance transactions. These standard reporting formats are essential to supporting the growth and liquidity of the commercial real estate finance market in Europe.

The E-IRP has become the basis for the European Central Bank and the Bank of England CMBS loan level reporting requirements for their respective ABS collateral programs.

European Investor Reporting Package Version 2.0 Data Fields (Released April 2011)

Loan Setup file version 2.0 (Excel format)

Loan Periodic file version 2.0 (Excel format) 

Property file version 2.0 (Excel format)

Bond Level file version 2.0 (Excel format)

Data File Legend (Excel format)

European Investor Reporting Package Version 1.0 Data Fields

E-IRP Questions?

The E-IRP Committee has assembled a dedicated team to help answer market questions in relation to the E-IRP. Please email your questions to

Get Involved!!!

The E-IRP Committee allows market participants to meet and discuss topics in relation to the E-IRP and many other topics in relation transparency within the European CRE finance market.  The group welcomes and encourages investors, lenders, issuers, servicers, software providers, bond cash managers, rating agencies, information providers and other relevant market participants to join our Committee meetings.

For further information or to become involved with the E-IRP Committee, please contact Carol Wilkie on +44 (0)20 3651 5567.