[1.2.1] Executive
The organisation is managed day-to-day by its chief executive, Peter Cosmetatos, and his team.
[1.2.2] Board of Directors
The Board of Directors supervises the executive team of Directors on behalf of the membership. You can see who currently comprises the Board of Directors.
The Articles of Association set out the constitution of the organisation and govern, among other things, the composition and proceedings of the Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors includes the current Chairman and the Treasurer, as well as the Immediate Past Chairman, the Chairman Elect (once appointed) and a number of Directors appointed by the membership in general meeting. The chief executive of CREFC Europe and the chief executive of CRE Finance Council, our American sister organisation, are also Directors ex officio.
The Board has the power to set up committees (which may include non-Directors) to support the governance of the organisation. The following Board committees currently exist.
[] The remit of the Membership Committee is:
to identify, on a strategic basis, market segments and geographies in which CREFC Europe may be under-represented and individual firms which should be specifically encouraged to join;
to oversee and approve the membership materials used by CREFC Europe in seeking new members; and
to provide introductions and support to the executive team in developing relationships with prospective member organisations.
It is chaired by Dale Lattanzio of DRC Capital [and also includes [tbc]], and meets as needed.
[] The remit of the Events Committee is:
to take a strategic, one-to-three year view of our conference planning, covering issues like the number and length of conferences, potential differentiation between conferences (e.g. specific themes or target audiences), venues (cheaper member space versus more versatile commercial space) and locations (e.g. in continental Europe);
to select conference co-chairs for individual conferences and provide high-level oversight, guidance and support for individual conference planning by conference co-chairs; and
on an ad hoc basis, to identify and suggest topical subjects and speakers for seminars (noting, however, that the seminar series, like the educational mornings that are likely to continue opening our conferences, will mostly be overseen by the Education Committee).
It is chaired by Charles Roberts of Paul Hastings [and also includes [tbc]], and aims to meet at least twice a year.
[] The remit of the Education Committee is:
to plan our seminar series, focusing on informative and educational topics (including the scope for seminars in continental Europe);
to plan the structure and content of the educational element at our Spring and Autumn Conferences; and
to help us engage with universities, academics and students, for example through educational seminars, networking events, signposting into the industry, the development of a jobs board [link to [7]] on our website, etc.
It is chaired by Andreas Wuermeling of pbb and Klaus Betz-Vais of Helaba [and also includes [tbc]], and aims to meet at least three times a year.
[] A Nominating Committee is formed each year to identify candidates for the chairmanship and the Board more generally. This year, the committee is chaired by Peter Hansell of Cairn Capital and also includes Emma Huepfl of Laxfield Capital, Matthew Webster of HSBC and Andreas Wuermeling of pbb.
[1.2.3] Member representation and participation
Members can guide and participate in the activities of CREFC Europe in a variety of ways, including through formal involvement in its committees and working groups. Learn more about CREFC Europe’s committees [here [5]].
The highest level committee for member representatives is the Board of Advisors. You can see its current membership [here [2.2]]. The Board of Advisors normally meets once each quarter to hear reports from and provide guidance to the executive and the leadership of other committees and working groups. It helps shape the priorities of CREFC Europe and provides a forum for experiences and opinions to be shared and discussed.