Join CREFC Europe 2021

Who we are

The Commercial Real Estate Finance Council (CREFC) Europe is the trade association for commercial real estate (CRE) finance in Europe.

  • We are a non-profit association offering our members opportunities to network, collaborate and learn, and to help shape the European CRE debt market and understand and influence its regulatory framework.
  • Some 120 corporate members include banks, insurance firms and debt funds, CRE debt investors, rating agencies, loan servicers, law firms, accountancy firms, debt and other specialist advisers, as well as a growing group of real estate firms (i.e. borrowers/sponsors).

What we do

As the collective voice of the industry, CREFC Europe seeks to lead on the regulatory, best practice and education aspects of CRE finance. In particular, we:

  • Provide information, professional development and networking opportunities to members and other market participants
  • Enable those with up to 10 years’ industry experience to connect and learn through YPREF, our network for young professionals in real estate finance
  • Advocate for our industry to regulators and policymakers to support better policymaking, and provide feedback to members about policy dialogues
  • Promote our industry among borrowers and capital providers and in the media, collaborating with other industry organisations where appropriate
  • Take a strategic, holistic approach to promote conditions that allow market participants to prosper and adapt in a changing and uncertain world, while supporting the real economy responsibly and delivering returns to investors.

Benefits of membership

Membership offers a chance to be part of the conversation that helps shape the industry’s future.

  • Membership is corporate so all staff can benefit and participate in our activities
  • Attendance free of charge at our seminars and (for Investor Members only) conferences
  • Access to invitation-only events, including our annual summer reception
  • Preferential rates to attend our conferences (and those of our sister organisation in the US)
  • The ability to get involved in our committees and working groups, tackling a range of issues affecting our sector.

How can you benefit?

Market participants of all kinds can benefit from the opportunities CREFC Europe offers for information exchange, and to network, learn and collaborate.

Broad industry participation enables us, in turn, to advocate for our changing and diversifying sector as a whole, as well as on narrower policy issues.

CREFC Europe provides a framework for different constituencies and interest groups to interact, as well as a forum for everyone involved in CRE finance to come together and see the bigger picture.  We provide a sense of identity for the CRE finance market.

  • Banks and non-bank lenders can gain insights into the forces driving real estate markets, as well as differently regulated lenders, and interact with potential partners (lenders at different points in the capital stack, debt brokers and other advisers) and clients (whether borrowers or those to whom loans might be distributed).
  • For advisers, CREFC Europe membership demonstrates commitment to the CRE finance market and offers access to a multi-disciplinary community with a broad focus on technical and commercial topics, as well as to opportunities to showcase expertise to and socialize with potential clients and others.
  • For debt investors without their own lending platform (and those who advise them), CREFC Europe gives direct access to sector-specific specialist knowledge and opinion, reducing the danger of informational asymmetries.
  • There is no shortage of membership organisations and events for property investors – but only at CREFC Europe will you find a primary focus on finance and full participation by a broad range of providers of credit and debt advisers.
  • Investor Membership, available to passive debt investors and property investors (provided they do not have an origination platform), includes the additional benefit of complimentary access to our conferences.


Launch of BTR information hub with British Property Federation and the UK Apartments Association

Following a joint initiative with colleagues at the British Property Federation and the UK Apartments Association in particular, we are pleased to announce that the launch of a BTR information hub to provide a single site from which key resources (most obviously from government or from relevant industry representative bodies) can be accessed. You can find it here:

Please contact Peter Cosmetatos on +44 3651 5696 or if you would like to know more about the work of this working group.

CREFCE Coronavirus statement

As a trade body, we normally hold many gatherings where market participants can exchange views, discuss industry issues, learn and network, so we have to respond to the impact of the Coronavirus crisis. We continue to follow official advice and will keep our plans under constant case-by-case review, in discussion with relevant member firms and members generally.

For the time being, the need for social distancing measures is paramount, so we are no longer planning to go ahead with even small-scale meetings over the coming weeks.

In discussion with relevant members, we have decided to postpone our 26 March Dinner.  We hope that our Dinner will be able to go ahead on the newly rescheduled date, Wednesday 30 September 2020, but will of course keep that under review.  Our CMBS conference has also been postponed.

In the meantime, the operational and commercial impacts of the Coronavirus are dramatic, but there are many important industry conversations and initiatives demanding attention. We will continue to offer our members and industry a forum for discussion, a voice and, where relevant, leadership, notwithstanding that physical gatherings remain off limits.

We are holding and participating in numerous virtual meetings, from bilateral to large-scale webinars, across a range of topics (as well of a more purely social character). In most cases, the lead-in time is short, so members should monitor the weekly newsletter, keep an eye out for email invitations, and contact a member of the team if there’s something they would like us to do, or to be involved in.

Updated 11.00 GMT, 11 May 2020

Property Industry Alliance – A best practice framework for a responsible real estate industry

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We are delighted to have worked successfully with our partner associations at the UK Property Industry Alliance to agree and launch a set of best practice principles  structured around environmental, social and governance considerations

The Principles are intended to signal the importance of ESG considerations and to provide a useful framework and reference point for businesses as they develop, apply and strengthen their own ESG-related policies and practices.



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