Emma Huepfl, Laxfield Capital

Emma started her working career at Savills in 1993, where she joined Adam Slater in the Finance team, working with German Banks entering the UK lending market.

In 1995 Emma and Adam were recruited by GE Capital to start a structured lending programme.  In 1997, Adam and Emma formed their first business Halkyn Capital, exclusively mandated by Württemberger Hypo, whom they represented for 12 years, managing all aspects of their UK lending programme.  During this time, Emma built up a wide network of contacts in the property industry, originating, structuring and closing loans, and helped create their client’s loan management system which was adopted throughout its European branch network.

Following the merger of their client Württemberger with Hypo Real Estate in 2007, Emma and Adam started Laxfield, which focussed on working with the new capital entering the UK market as banks carried out a deleveraging programme.  As Co-Principal of Laxfield, Emma covers all aspects of business management, and oversees lending client relationships as well as working with new capital seeking entry to the market. She continues to originate lending business through her wide contact base and is well known in the property finance industry.