Rajesh Shah Quintain Estates & Development Plc

Rajesh has worked in real estate for over 16 years across a range of sectors including commercial, residential and retail. He has led transactions ranging from raising capital for new funds through to acquisitions and disposals of property portfolios and businesses.

Rajesh is the Head of Corporate Strategy at Quintain responsible for key corporate acquisitions, disposals and joint ventures. He is also leading Quintain’s initiative in the Private Rented Sector.

Rajesh joined Quintain in 2008 from Land Securities, where he was Investment Strategy Director at its Trillium subsidiary. Over his 10 years at Trillium, Rajesh headed up the pricing of PFI/PPP bids and key property disposals. He was also involved in a number of strategic transactions from acquisition/sale of businesses through to the capital raising for a new fund.

Prior to this he worked at PwC as a management consultant in sectors including real estate, retail and media.