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Real estate investors

Since beginning to accept real estate investors (borrowers) into our membership, we have been pleased to see them inform many conversations across our network. Now that they comprise around 10% of our total membership, we have begun to organise occasional meetings for them to compare notes amongst themselves, inform the secretariat about their concerns and priorities, and learn about work we are doing outside their field of vision.

Debt investors

We have always had links to CMBS investors, since our early days as the CMSA and our product focus on CMBS. Those links were revived during the revival in CMBS activity in 2018 and 2019 (sadly put back on pause by the pandemic). We believe Europe’s CRE debt market could benefit greatly from collective investor outreach. CREFC Europe is well positioned to take a leadership role in improving information and understanding about both the asset class as a whole and the different investment channels available for gaining exposure to it.  We would like to be the information portal for prospective investors – and indeed for the consultants advising institutions on portfolio allocation – wishing to gain insight into our market.

A healthy dialogue with investors who are already knowledgeable or interested can help us to ensure that the platform we provide for prospective investors and the industry more generally is as effective as possible.

Please contact Peter Cosmetatos if you have comments or questions or would like to be involved as an investor of either type.