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Build To Rent Finance Working Group

Build-to-Rent Finance Working Group

The Build-To-Rent (BTR) Finance working group was formed with a view to ensuring that a lack of suitable, informed, commercially available credit will not act as a brake on the growth of the UK’s BTR market for professionally managed and rented residential property.  We have also organised meetings with government officials seeking input from the lending side.  The secretariat for the working group is led by lawyers Partha Pal and Carol Hopper Greenberg Traurig).

The working group has mostly operated through various sub-groups (sometimes sponsor or lender only, sometimes mixed) to consider what steps would be most helpful for the market.  This guide is the product of many discussions and a great deal of work led by Partha and Carol, and discusses the key issues about BTR that lenders should understand, and key lender concerns that sponsors should understand.

Anyone interested in the UK BTR sector should also bookmark the UK BTR 'hub' website - - which was created in collaboration with the British Property Federation and the UK Apartments Association. It aims to be a single site from which key resources (most obviously from government and relevant industry representative bodies) can be accessed.

Please contact Peter Cosmetatos if you would like to know more.