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Registration Deadline - 27 June 2021

Valuing CRE debt for lenders and borrowers – a joint webinar for BPF, CREFC Europe and INREV members

29 June 2021 15:00 - 16:00

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Debt valuation has long been a topic of debate among entities required to report fair value. Because of varied interpretations of accounting standards, methodologies for valuing debt have ranged from simply reporting the remaining principal balance to an application of complex algorithms. This wide variance in methodologies can result in inconsistent results and volatility not reflective of market conditions.

This webinar will explore the who, why and how of valuing real estate debt, for both lenders and borrowers, drawing on case studies and market data from the European and US real estate fund and real estate debt fund markets.

Speakers will include Jackie Bowie and John Kjelstrom from Chatham Financial.

This free webinar is available to members of BPF, CREFC Europe or INREV.

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