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Now that the Sentiment Survey has a time series running for over two years, we have enhanced the analysis with the introduction of a Sentiment Index. A thank you to Madeleine McDougall for inspiring this project! We have produced a short video where David Dahan talks through the new metric and highlights the Q1 results.

The quarterly CREFC Europe sentiment survey was introduced at the start of 2019 to offer insights into a CRE lending market that has grown more diverse over the last few years, especially in the UK, but remains largely private and opaque. In Q4 2020, some changes were made to the survey with some questions being modified and new questions being introduced.

A short survey is sent to up to three key contacts at each firm in the CREFC Europe membership.  Some information is collected to aid analysis and classification, but the survey is completely anonymous.  In Q1 2021, about 56% of respondents came from UK-headquartered firms whilst 22% came from Europe-based firms and 19% from North America-headquartered firms.  About 80% of respondents defined their firm’s geographic coverage as multi-country European or global.  A wide range of lending strategies and lender types, as well as advisory roles, was represented.  Lenders in the survey represented a loan book of at least £180bn.

Watch video here