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Enjoy complimentary access to CREFC Europe member benefits

Not yet a member? Find out the member benefits

Not yet a member? Find out the member benefits

Enjoy complimentary access to CREFC Europe member benefits

CREFC Europe is a membership association that provides CRE finance professionals with an opportunity to come together to learn, stay informed and be part of a wider conversation that helps shape our industry’s future. We currently have around 120 corporate members comprising lenders, loan servicers, lawyers and other advisers, real estate investors and CRE debt investors.

Covid-19 has triggered fundamental challenges for the real estate sector in the short term, and probably accelerated significant changes over the longer term. We have responded by using our power to convene and disseminate knowledge, ramping up our participation in policy discussions alongside real estate trade associations, and bringing members together to share market insights and inform the policy dialogue.

A collective industry response can be vital in a crisis, and connecting across the industry has been especially important in this particular crisis. Our members have supported and benefited from our efforts to facilitate both collective response and connection. After a successful membership taster programme last summer to broaden our network further, we are offering another time-limited free taster of the benefits of membership to non-member firms – and hope those who take it up will stay with us thereafter.

The offer

We are offering complimentary access to our corporate membership benefits until 30 April, as a taster for you and your colleagues. Just sign up as an organisation, and everyone in relevant teams can benefit. 

You can read about membership benefits in more detail here (or discuss with Peter Cosmetatos, our CEO), but here is a sense of what you will have access to during the free taster period:

•    Member mailings and policy insights: Engaging with policymakers and other industry bodies has been central to our activities in the time of Covid-19. We have regular dialogue with various UK government departments as well as financial regulators, and have participated in several ministerial roundtables as the recognised voice of CRE finance. We collaborate closely with other industry bodies in the UK and Europe as well as our sister organisation in the US. We share what insights we can by email, in webinars and meetings, and privately with our members.

•    Free access to our virtual meetings and webinars: Our events are fast-moving and flexible and, for the time being, virtual. In 2020, in addition to a fully virtual conference in November, we ran seven seminars before lockdown and 23 webinars, including workshops organised by our network for young professionals (YPREF), as well as many meetings on different topics and for particular constituencies across the membership. Many of last year’s virtual events are available on demand to members (and those taking up the taster). Information about forthcoming events can be found on our website and our weekly member newsletter.

•    Ability to participate in our committees and industry working groups: We have a standing regulatory and tax committee, and a number of working groups focused on particular issues including green CRE finance, due diligence, alternative lenders and care homes. New initiatives are being launched in the coming weeks.

•    YPREF: Access for less experienced team members to activities and events organised by the steering committee of our network for young professionals in real estate finance, YPREF.

To take up this offer, please contact Carol

What we really want is for you to join the membership after the taster. To encourage you to do that, we will only charge for half the year if you decide to continue after April, giving you two more free months.