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Young Professionals in Real Estate Finance (YPREF)

Not yet a member? Find out the member benefits

Not yet a member? Find out the member benefits
YPREF is Europe’s sole networking group dedicated to CRE lending professionals and advisers with less than 10 years industry experience.

Access to YPREF is free if your company is a member. 

Below is a snapshot of YPREF events in 2021.

Events remain under review due to Coronavirus

Events are free to YPREF from member firms with the exception of any events marked *

Wednesday 24 February Market Update by Savills  
Monday 22 March How to Law*  
Tuesday 23 March How to Value*  
Wednesday 24 March How to Lend*  
Wednesday 21 April How to Invest*  
Tuesday 25 May Global Economic Update: Finally out of the woods? By ING  
Wednesday 16 June Financing a development: How to do it and what to look for*  
Wednesday 30 June Women In Leadership  
Autumn 2021 - dates TBC YPREF How to’s*  
Wednesday 15 September YPREF Quiz Night Fundraiser (subject to Government guidelines)   
Year end 2021 - date TBC Wine tasting YPREF (subject to Government guidelines)

Drop Louise an email to ensure your interest in YPREF is registered. Read about YPREF here.