The scheme is offered as a benefit for all AREF and CREFCE members. We are using a new platform specifically designed for trade associations mentoring programmes, the platform is called Mentorship Rocket and is accessed via a unique website.

The scheme’s intent is to connect each mentee with at least 2 mentors for separate 60-minute meetings in which the mentee has a mentor’s undivided attention – unparalleled learning opportunities.  

This program has now begun, keep your eyes peeled for when we launch our next one later this year. 

Tips for Mentors and Mentees

  • Mentees reach out - Mentors like to hear from you right away after a booking is made. Get the session locked into each other's calendar
  • Before the meeting - Outline topics for the upcoming session and touch on shared professional interests.
  • Be prepared - Mentors respect it when mentees come to the meeting with open‐ended questions that guide the discussion without restricting feedback.
  • Be fully present - Set aside daily pressures during mentoring sessions so you can give the most and get the most from the experience.
  • It's not an interview - It's an exchange. Don't get lost in note taking. Mentees be engaged in the conversation to fully connect and learn.
  • Summarise each session - In closing a meeting, mentees could speak about the insights gained. Mentors appreciate knowing how they helped and this cements the relationship

Update August 2023

The Mentorship Rocket framework is programme-based, running for typically 6-9 months for the mentors and mentees that sign up.

We ran it for the first time from last autumn until the spring, so there’s nothing on offer right now – we’re in the process of taking stock, collecting feedback to help us decide whether/when to do another programme. 

Our expectation is that we will do it again, probably Q124.


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