Who we are

The Commercial Real Estate Finance Council (CREFC) Europe is the trade association for commercial real estate (CRE) finance in Europe.

  • We are a non-profit association offering our members opportunities to network, collaborate and learn, and to help shape the European CRE debt market and understand and influence its regulatory framework.
  • Some 120 current members include banks, insurance firms and debt funds, CRE debt investors, rating agencies, loan servicers, law firms, accountancy firms and other specialist advisers, as well as a growing group of real estate firms (i.e. borrowers/sponsors).

What we do

As the collective voice of the industry, we seek to lead on the regulatory, best practice and education aspects of CRE finance. In particular, we:

  • Provide information, education and networking opportunities to members and other market participants
  • Enable junior professionals with less than 10 years’ industry experience to join and play an active role through our network for young professionals in real estate finance (YPREF).  YPREF provides communication, education, support and networking, as well as opportunities to collaborate, lead and speak or present
  • Give our industry a voice with regulators and policymakers, helping them understand its function and how it works, so as to reduce the risk of policy errors and unintended consequences, and providing feedback for members about policy dialogues
  • Promote our industry among borrowers, capital providers and in the media, collaborating with other industry organisations where appropriate
  • Take a strategic, holistic approach to promote conditions that allow market participants to prosper and adapt in a changing and uncertain world, while supporting the real economy responsibly and delivering returns to investors.

Our activities are conducted in compliance with our competition policy.